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MAPUkrainianPEP tracks the international assets, businesses, and properties of Ukrainian politicians, governors, oligarchs, and their foreign sponsors. All data is obtained from public sources, including the research of journalists, official documents and formal registrations in Ukraine and elsewhere. Records are continually updated as new information becomes available. Read More: Using This Site

About PEP

PEP – “politically exposed persons” is a category of people, whose fortunes, income, and use of finances are obligated to thorough analysis by banks and organizations in order to prevent financial corruption, money laundering, and the prevent them from obtaining funds illegally. Read More: PEP & Related Laws


Ukrainian journalists and activists have asked local officials to turn their attention to government officials that are able to maintain lifestyles that are far more expensive than their official income would allow. These questions sparked more researches by journalists, which started revealing more and more facts and proof of massive corruption and massive larceny of government budget funds and property. But due to the fact that government office administration practices selective justice, complaints to the local officials are not producing any results. Funds obtained through corruption schemes are used on strengthening the corrupt governing scheme in Ukraine, which now have openly undermined constitution by violating human rights, using physical violence against journalists and reporters, physical abuse towards activists, suppression of the freedom of speech, ignoring continuous illegal actions of police force, and using performing attacks against participants of peaceful demonstrations. Besides the above listed actions, Ukrainian PEPs enriched on corrupt dealings and implementing dictatorship, are continuing to spend their money in Europe and USA. Surprisingly, but most exposed is the use of those in Europe by the representatives of Regional Party, the same group that rejected the agreement of association between Ukraine and EU, and is openly insists on the union with Russia. Because the income sources of Ukrainian PEPs are causing great doubts of its legitimacy and transparency, and are ignored by local officials, Ukrainian activists and journalists started to demand application of the international anti-corruption laws for freezing or blocking of the foreign accounts of the Ukrainian government officials. MapUkrainianPEP is a map with the most recent, verified and confirmed updates on this topic.