Businesses and assets of Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs abroad

Using This Site

How can I participate?

You are able to help us by searching and revealing information regarding property and business capital of Ukrainian politicians and officials abroad. In order to do this, please use our contribution form in order to add new information. All added data is thoroughly analysed by the admins and may act as foundation for journalistic investigation.

Who benefits from MapUkrainianPEP?

Collected information may be beneficial for journalists, including foreign ones, which may use it in their publications. Furthermore, bloggers and media staff will be able to add the map of MapUkrainianPEP on their websites. In order to do this, the following must be added into the source code:

Additionally, information, which is collected on the website may benefit activists abroad that support Ukrainian protest movement and show interest in organizing protests near foreign estates or offices of people that are responsible for the current state of dictatorship within Ukraine.

Authors of this website and their partners work thoroughly in order to create profiles of certain political personalities, which are participating in corrupt schemes, which stretch out far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Thus information, which is published on MapUkrainianPEP may be a starting point of action for:

  • Foreign legal authorities
  • International organizations, which are battling corruption and money laundering
  • Banking institutions, which require the mandatory monitoring of income sources of their PEP-clients.