Businesses and assets of Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs abroad

Who's Behind This

Natalie Sedletska

Natalia Sedletska is a Ukrainian investigative journalist focused on corruption. Natalia the creator and host of the program “Tender News” about the embezzlement of budget funds, which has appeared on the TVi television network since May 2013. She is an active member of Stop Censorship and the OCCRP, an international network of investigative journalists. Natalia is currently a Vaclav Havel Fellow with Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

Heath Morrison

Heath Morrison is an activist and entrepreneur living and working in Kyiv, Ukraine. Heath is the founder of Empathic Tech, a group of activists, technologists, and thinkers working together to achieve social progress. Empathic Tech partners with civil-society organizations, journalists, and other socially-positive groups to envision and actualize projects with purpose.