Businesses and assets of Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs abroad

Politically Exposed Ukrainian Entities

AhBolom B.V.

A parent of two Ukrainian subsidies (Pryozerne 2 LLC and Pryozerne 1 LLC), which in turn control Priozernaya Power Plant Station. Invested 11.2 mln Euro into statutory capital of Ukrainian subs.

Alter Domus Nederland B.V.

Alter Domus B.V. is a parent company of Helios Netherlands B.V. Its ownership structure is complicated and leads to 4 Luxembrug based companies managed by Luxemburg certified auditor Stephane Spedener. The beneficial owner is hidden.

Appartment of Evgen Geller

Appartment of Evgen Geller


In June 2013 Edelveis transferred its stock in Artemivsk Winery to the Netherlands’ based company ARTVIN Holding BV.

Black Sea Renewable Energies GmbH

Сompany, 99% owned by CEE Clean Economic Energy AG

Blythe Associate Inc

Blythe Associate Inc is founder of Dim Lisnyka LLC, principal founder of Tsentravia LLC which owns over 99.9%, was listed in 2008 as the founder of the Austrian company — Euro East Beteiligungs GmbH — which already owned Mezhyhirya at that time.

Blythe Europe, Ltd

Until September 2013 Reinhard Proksch’s company Blythe (Europe) Ltd, registered under the address of London office of COMPAREVE SE owned Mezhygirrya estate. Blythe (Europe) Ltd. bought Euro Invest Bank’s share and became the sole owner with 99.97% of the statutory capit... Read More

CEE Clean Economic Energy AG

Сompany, bought by SLAV Handel, Vertretung und Beteiligung Aktiengesellschaft

CEE Sunpower GmbH

Сompany, 100% owned by CEE Clean Economic Energy AG

CEE Windpower GmbH

Company, 100% owned by CEE Clean Economic Energy AG

Euro East Beteiligungs GmbH

Austrian company, 100% owned by British Blythe (Europe) LTD, that sold Yanukovich's resident Mezhigir'ya (Tantalit LLC) to Sergiy Klyuyev in 2013.

Gunaldi Commercial Ltd

Owner of Ukainian company "Pryozerne 1" LLC

Helios Netherlands B.V.

The Starokozacha and Dunayska Power Plants are registered in the name of Dunayska SES-1, Dunayska SES-2, Franko Solar and Franko Piwi. All four companies with a total authorized capital are owned by Helios Netherlands B.V.with an authorized capital of one euro. In fact,... Read More


Inter Media Group Limited - Cyprus company that owns "Ukrainian media project" LLC (Ukraine), that owns biggest Ukrainian TV-holding Inter Media Group (Inter Channel, NTN, K1, K2, Mega and few more).

Klyuyev’s family house in Florida

Fashionable district building on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. The owner of the house if Kaveh Ertefai, Sergiy Klyuyev's in-law and owner of Klyuyev's assets in Austria.

Leolita Trading HD

Owner of Nord 2007 LLC

Oleksiy Azarov’s registration address in Vienna

The publication "Ukrainska Pravda" found a house at one of the most prestigious districts of Vienna, where son of former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov is registered. "In an extract from the register of Austrian companies it is said: son of the Ukrainian pr... Read More

Real Holding Group Ltd

Shufrych family established a shell company called "Real Holding Group Ltd" in January 2014 in St. Gallen. It is founded by Shufrych's son Oleksandr and his assistant Vyacheslav Cherepanya. "The Real Holding Group" received a starting capital of... Read More

Rinat Akhmetov’s London Apartment

"Ukraine's richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, has paid the highest price for a UK residence, buying an apartment in the One Hyde Park development in Knightsbridge. Land Registry documents show that two properties on the seventh and eighth floor of the luxury develop... Read More

Sarone Holdings Limited

Owner of DRFC LLC

Sergiy Kluyev’s family address of registration in Austria

"Sergei's wife Irina Kliuyeva is registered in Tulbing - a small town near Vienna. Kliuyev's house is situated at Groissaustraße, 12. it is the largest one at TulbingerKogel. Fence runs along the street by 20-30 feet, while other buildings have two to thr... Read More

Sharov’s appartment in Spain

Square footage - more than 90 meters, parking space in addition. Purchased on 20 September 2011.

Sharov’s villa in Spain

The villa has 876 sq meters, is registered to Igor Sharov himself and his wife, Victoria Sharova. Local rieltor extimated the value of this real estate object to EUR 5 mln. Real estate agent shared, that the owner of this villa has bought three villas each neighbouring ... Read More

SICA Consult GesmbH

Austrian based company, managing director - Iryna Klyuyeva.

Sustainable Ukraine Geminnutzige Forschung GmbH

Organization was registered in Vienna in December 2010. this structure is actually not a fund, but limited liability company,with registered capital of 35 000 euro. The key manager of the fiundation is Oleksiy Azarov

Ukrainian Bank of Development

"CJSC Ukrainian Bank of Development was founded on April 23, 2009 by Donsnabtara LLC, with a statutory capital of 80 million UAH. Donsnabtara LLC, which was founded in 1995, was at the time headed by Mrs. Valentyna Arbuzova, mother of the incumbent Vice Prime Minis... Read More

Vetek Gas Trading and Supply SA

The Eastern European Energy Company (VETEK) has registered the trading company Vetek Gas Trading and Supply SA and Vetek Trading SA in Switzerland for trading crude oil and natural gas in foreign markets. Vetek Gas Trading and Supply is engaged in trading natural gas. T... Read More

Vetek Trading SA

Company registered in September 2013. Vetek Trading SA is engaged in trading crude oil. The administrator the company initially was a Swiss citizen Maurice Taylor, who was a member of the board of directors of several private Swiss and foreign trading companies. After a... Read More

ACTIV Solar GmbH

"Activ Solar GmbH is currently the largest producer of solar energy in Ukraine.On its website, Activ Solar GmbH reports that it is building eleven power plants in Ukraine, ten of which have been completed. These power plants are located in three regions of Ukraine,... Read More

Centragas Holding GmbH

Centragas AG is a holding company which holds a 50% interest in RosUkrEnergo (RUE), a Swiss gas distribution company. Centragas Holding was incorporated in Vienna in July 2004 and is headed by CEO David Brown. Centragas AG is 90% owned by GDF which belongs to Ukrainian ... Read More

DTEK Trading SA

DTEK Trading SA was incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland, on 20 June 2013 for direct access to European energy markets. "DTEK Trading SA will be dealing with coal and electricity trading in European markets. Domestic sales as well as exports to the countries of the ... Read More

Firtash Foundation

Firtash Foundation - is a private charity fund established by Dmitry and Lada Firtash, based in Great Britain. "The fund’s main goal is to provide long-term and systematic support to education and culture in Ukraine, and to enhance the creative and intellectual pot... Read More


Kliuyev brothers are co-owners of the Vienna Gasometer office center (via Slav AG company).

MAKO Holding BV

Company from the orbit of "MAKO Holding" - the business empire of Alexander Yanukovych, son of President of Ukraine. MAKO Holding B.V. was established on October 27, 2011 in the Netherlands by LiFe Holding AG, which was its sole shareholder until December 23, ... Read More

MAKO Trading SA

Company from the orbit of "MAKO Holding" - the business empire of Alexander Yanukovych, son of President of Ukraine. "Mako Trading LLCwas registered on December 7, 2011. Its statutory capital is 5 million UAH divided between Oleksandr Yanukovych (49%) and... Read More

Metcoal SA

"METCOAL S.A. is a Swiss-based CIS-focused diversified raw materials company, founded in 1994. It's subsidiary, METCOAL TRADING S.A. deals primarily in anthracite, steam coal and carbon-related products." - from the official website.

Metinvest International SA

Metinvest International SA (formerly known as Leman Commodities SA), part of Metinvest Group, is a Swiss-based steel and iron ore trading company established in 1997. The company’s core business activity is sales of iron ore, semi-finished and finished steel products ma... Read More

Ostchem Gas Trading AG

"This company was established in the framework of group DF and will handle the delivery of gas to meet needs of chemical companies of the group" - Firtash's press service says." - (Kommersant Ukraine)

SCM Group

SCM is Ukraine’s leading financial and industrial group with consolidated revenues of $23.47 billion in 2012. Shareholder of SCM Group is Rinat Akhmetov.

TBM Holdings, Inc

"TBM Holdings, Inc was founded in the state of Nevada, U.S. on January 27, 2004. The authorized capital of this company amounts to $110 thousand US. According to an extract from the State Register of Nevada, the CEO and President of TBM Holdings, Inc is Khristo Kol... Read More

Topmall AG

TOPMALL AG operates an online apparel and accessories marketplace platform with original outfits of the well-known world brands. The company is registered in Zug and operates in Ukraine for Ukrainian market. In 2013, TA Venture fund (owned by Viktoria Tigipko) invested ... Read More