Firtash Foundation


Firtash Foundation - is a private charity fund established by Dmitry and Lada Firtash, based in Great Britain. "The fund’s main goal is to provide long-term and systematic support to education and culture in Ukraine, and to enhance the creative and intellectual potential of Ukrainian youth", - says at the official website.

"Meanwhile, aside of attention of EuroMaydan activists in London is still one person who not only oversees a dozen of MPs, but makes a significant contribution to strengthening Yanukovych regime. Meaning the Firtash, who became the sole manager of the information service of "Inter Channel", which every night brainwashes voters mind in the interest of Yanukovych. For cleaning his reputation Firtash created an organization called "DF Foundation" in the UK, which recently changed its name to "Firtash Foundation". (Source: "Ukrainska Pravda")