MAKO Holding BV


Company from the orbit of "MAKO Holding" - the business empire of Alexander Yanukovych, son of President of Ukraine.
MAKO Holding B.V. was established on October 27, 2011 in the Netherlands by LiFe Holding AG, which was its sole shareholder until December 23, 2011, when Mako Holding bought all shares of the company. The statutory capital of Mako Holding B.V. is currently 10 million Euro. In 2012 Mako Holding invested 105,3 million UAH in MAKO Holding B.V., which as of December 31, 2012 didn’t have any employees in the Netherlands, or abroad. Mako Holding B.V. is the sole shareholder of ARTVIN Holding BV, which owns 19% of Artemivsk Winery. MAKO Holding B.V. is the sole shareholder of the Switzerland based MAKO Trading SA.